About PKE Consulting LLC

PKE Consulting LLC is a consultancy and analysis company focused on the communications and networking markets.  The principle of the Company is Philip Edholm, a well recognized leader in both the communications and networking industries.  With over 30 years experience across the development of Ethernet, IP, VoIP, SIP and now collaboration and Unified Communications, Phil has the knowledge and expertise to provide the right consulting services for projects in both enterprises and vendors.   This skill in technology, combined with a clear understanding of business and business processes enables PKE Consulting to make significant contributions to your organizations success.

The focus of all engagements is to assure that each customer is very satisfied that the project delivered the value that the customer was seeking.

PKE Consulting LLC is incorporated as a Limited Liability Corporation in California and does business worldwide.

The PKE Consulting logo represents the synergy that is happening in the industry at the convergence of information, communications, and networking.  It also refers to the overall philosophy of PKE Consulting to “Innovate, Integrate, and Transform”.   

PKE Consulting


9921 Longview Lane

Pleasanton, CA 94588

Phil Edholm, President, Founder, and Principal Consultant/Analyst

Tel: 925-264-9420 (Service by Google Voice)

Fax: 925-846-3251

Phil Edholm: pedholm@pkeconsulting.com

Services emails:

End User Services: pedholm@pkeconsulting.com

Vendor Services: pedholm@pkeconsulting.com

Contacting PKE Consulting

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