PKE Consulting provides consultation services for end user organizations on both an acquisition event and ongoing basis.  The event services are tied to a specific plan to use the integration of interaction and information in the organization to create change and deliver value.  The PKE Consulting model for a specific process is based on three critical steps:

· Defining Transformation

· Selecting Solutions

· Structured Installation

In addition to providing these services for an event, PKE Consulting provides both on-demand education and discussion as well as ongoing strategic counseling.

Selecting Solutions

Structured installation

defining the roles within the organization and how they operate.  This step includes working with the IT team, business groups and end users to analyze how employees and teams operate and the critical dimensions of communication and collaboration in their work processes.  The Knowledge/Information/Service Structure (KISS) is used to define roles of different types of workers within the organization and how they are using telecommunications today and in the future.  This includes clearly understanding how existing telecommunications assets are utilized and the impact of change on the business.

Use Cases and Value Models—Through the KISS process, PKE Consulting and the in-house team will identify a number of areas where new solutions using advanced technology can address existing business needs and create new business capabilities.  This process uses a number of techniques, and is very effectively integrated with other business optimization techniques such as Six Sigma an Lean.  Through a structured process, each potential Interactive Use Case (ICU)  is initially examined for impact and fit.  Then a selected set are further analyzed to define the specific requirements and implementation details.  This can include detailed discussions with users and business teams.  The outcome is  a clear definition of the required interaction modalities and information integration for each use case.

Technology Requirements Map—Using the analysis of most impactful uses of interaction and information integration, a roadmap for delivery is prepared.  This clearly takes into account existing systems and capabilities along with new requirements.   The critical aspect of this map is to understand how capabilities will be deployed and is used in analyzing vendor offers.  The Map is time based and is defined as sequential technologies are brought into the organization.

Within the Defining Transformation Phase, PKE Consulting focuses on three distinct steps to define an optimal path for the organization. 

Organizational Structure and Type  - Clearly

After the vendor selection, PKE Consulting can offer ongoing consulting during the installation process.  While PKE Consulting is not an integrator, they can work both with the in-house team as well as the vendor or system integrator 

to assure that the installation is meeting the objectives and requirements.

Brainstorming and Engagement

Separate from a specific implementation plan, PKE Consulting can provide sessions designed to understand the issues and technologies in the market and how they can be utilized.  These sessions can be structured as presentations or

Training or they can be structured as working sessions or brainstorming.  This is an ideal opportunity to begin the process of defining change and as an initial step into the larger process of transformation.

These sessions can be extended to include business partners, using the capability of PKE Consulting to take the complexity of technology and illuminate value to non-technical members of the organization..

Ongoing Dialog

PKE Consulting, and especially Phil Edholm can be a valuable resource for regular review sessions with an in-house team.  This enables regular sessions to work on specific issues or challenges and to define activities for the

In-house team between sessions.  Regular sessions can be planned along with defined topics and pre-meeting preparation and analysis of a particular topic.  This enables the technology team to have a continual non-biased update of the market and technical innovations.

For Service, please contact:

RFP and guide the process of getting the options from vendors and integrators.  After these proposals have been received, PKE Consulting can either provide primary analysis or work with the in-house team to complete the analysis process.  This analysis includes TCO, fit to existing solutions, timing of installation, upgrade and other costs, as well as a thorough analysis of meeting requirements defined in the earlier processes.

After all factors are analyzed, PKE Consulting can assist in the negotiation process and the final contract development.

The choice of vendors to provide either a complete solution or the components of a solution or to act as an integrator are large and potentially overwhelming.  PKE Consulting will work with the in-house team to prepare an RFI/

Defining Transformation