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November 10-11:  Real Time on the Web Conference 2015 Beijing China





My focus is to enable your team to deliver the value and transformation that can be achieved with the technologies I helped create over the last decade.  As a leader in the creation of the VoIP revolution and the integration of communications into business processes, I believe the next five years will see another major transformation.  Just as the internet created industries and changed market dynamics, the coming interaction/information revolution will have similar remarkable impacts.  I am focused to working with your organization to maximize the return from this transformation, not just to drive adoption of technology, but to deliver real business results. 

I have worked with customers across many industries to use technology in innovative ways to create business transformation.  Equally importantly,  I am very effective at identifying which technologies can and cannot apply to a specific issue or challenge.  This assures that technologies that are not effective are not deployed and those that will transform are.   I look forward to discussing your needs and how we can create value for you and your organization.


Being a UC Expert and part of the UCStrategies Team enables me to bring additional expertise and industry views into our activities.  As part of the UCStrategies team, I am taking the lead in video value and WebRTC, as well as other key areas in the long term vision of where UC and the intersection of communications and computing are going.


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PKE Consulting LLC Introduction

PKE Consulting provides strategic consulting at the intersection of computing, networking, and communications.  The primary focus is on how the integration of information and interaction can create value transformation for organizations.  This is often referred to as Unified Communications or Communications Enabled Business Processes.  PKE Consulting services include organization planning for how to best utilize technologies for transformation.  PKE Consulting also works to assure that the underlying network infrastructure is capable of supporting the new services.  PKE Consulting provides services both to end user organizations and to vendors.

End User Services

For End User Organizations, PKE Consulting works with the organization at all stages of the project.  From conception of how the information/interaction integration can create value through to defining which technologies and vendors are best suited, to assistance in the deployment, PKE Consulting can assure that the planned implementation meets both organizational and technical goals.

Vendor Services

For vendor companies, PKE Consulting provides services ranging from strategic business planning to technical implementations and technology analysis.  In addition to traditional products, PKE Consulting can assist with M&A analysis and activity including due diligence and integration.  Select PKE Consulting as an outside presenter for your next seminar series and the results will be outstanding.

UC Strategies

PKE Consulting is aligned with the UCStrategies team of UC experts.   Phil Edholm is a recognized UC Expert and one of a small group of professionals leading the independent growth of the next generation of communications and collaboration.  Click the UCStrategies logo to the right to link to the UCStrategies home page. 

Phil’s UCStrategies profile can be found here.


Message from Philip Edholm


President and Principal, PKE Consulting LLC


I founded PKE Consulting to continue working in driving the communications, computing, and human interaction industry forward in a broader form than within a single vendor.  My 30 years of industry vision and leadership allow me to bring a unique set of capabilities that enable me to deliver value across technology and business.

PKE Consulting LLC is Hosting WebRTC Conference and Expo


Phil Edholm is organizing he content and hosting the next Real Time on the Web Conference in Beijing China, Nov 10-11, 2015.  At PKE Consulting we are very excited about how WebRTC is positioned to change communications.  Click the link below for the WebRTC World page on PKEConsulting.com. 

Read the VoIPmageddon White Paper to understand how voice quality is being impacted by the way VoIP has been deployed as an adjunct to the SPTN network using TDM and other technologies. The paper details the quality issues that are occurring and how they may become epidemic in the next few years.